Learn how to shoot artistic portraits!

You are going to learn: creative techniques for portrait shooting, how to make beautiful portraits indoors and outdoors, how to compose a shot and use light.

You are going to need: any digital camera, a computer with Internet access, your friends or relatives as models and your wish to make amazing portraits.

  • 4 online classes
  • 29 creative tasks
  • Unlimited material access
  • Personal tutor
  • Complexity level Course for beginners
First, we’ll cover the essential elements of portraiture, and then dive into one of the most mysterious topics: posing a subject. We’ll show you how to position a subject so they look their absolute best. Your images will look both natural and professional, and you’ll be prepared for the tricky questions like where to place hands. Whether you are photographing men, women, or children, doing casual or even corporate portraits, we have you covered.
Lesson 2: Composition 7 homework assignments
What is composition, and how does it apply to portraiture? This lesson is designed to introduce you to the core concepts of composition as applied to drawing the viewer’s eye to your subject. From background selection to where to place your posed subject in the frame to concepts like “building triangles” and “leading lines”, you’ll learn how to make images that truly pop.
Lesson 3: Working with Ambient Light 9 homework assignments
In photography, most discussion is around the quantity of light for an exposure, but here we focus on the quality of light. What is hard and soft light, and how do you work with them to beautifully portray the human face? What types, sizes, colors, and positions of light are the best for portraiture? How do you use a reflector? We’ll show you how to work skillfully with all kinds (and quantities) of light.
Lesson 4: Working with Flash 6 homework assignments
Whether natural or artificial, light defines how we perceive the human form. Whether you are using a pop-up flash or a dedicated flash unit, the results can vary from awful to gorgeous. We’ll show you how to make flash work to your advantage, flatter your subject, control the level of ambient light in your end exposure, and even have some fun with techniques like flash-blur. In the hands of a skillful photographer, flash can turn a boring scene into a truly memorable one.
Basics of Portrait Photography
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