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who are in love with photography 

No matter what town or country you come from, our online Fotoshkola is always open for anyone willing to study and get new skills. The best tutors, vast experience and plenty of practical tasks are waiting for you throughout all your courses!
Year 2011: office is working on a new photo course 

July 1, 2010 is birthday!


A lot has happened during these seven years, but the first days were the brightest ones!

Building the team of tutors was probably the most complicated task: professionalism and subject matter knowledge are to be combined with friendly attitude and the ability to share inspiration and enthusiasm with students, to kindle them up for new achievements and success.

It took us almost a year to plan, put the things together, design and develop–and on the first working day, right after the launch 12 students joined us! It became obvious that this business had a great potential!
Year 2010: one of the first site versions of the online photo school.

Fotoshkola today is

the largest community of those in love with photography
happy graduates
photo, editing and drawing courses
reviews and appreciations
reviewed photos


Fotoshkola is the project created to make every user happy!

The sheer number of beautiful user-created photographs uploaded to Fotoshkola gives us reason to be proud!

For example, in the nearest future we are launching a new format of master classes–these are going to be real talk-shows. The main aim of Fotoshkola, however, will always remain the same: making your dreams come true with each lesson, with every new course, with any photo you upload.

Our mission

The main aim of Fotoshkola is to make your dreams come true with each lesson, with every new course, with any photo you upload.
We are always by your side!